SRPC Manufacturing Supply chain security, accelerated digital technology, the war on talent, smart-factory initiatives, and cyber security are just the beginning of issues that today’s manufacturing companies must maneuver. When added to the increased role of private equity as the manufacturing environment migrates from family ownership, there are many moving parts. Well-articulated goals and a solid game plan are more important than ever. Whether ownership is looking to maximize cash flow or build value for a successful strategic exit at an attractive multiple, leadership needs a game plan.

Saggar and Rosenberg have helped hundreds of companies on a similar journey who have achieved favorable exits and cash flow goals. We work with you to develop a solid plan for your goals. We then ensure that your financial systems support timely and reliable financial data to evaluate progress. Our team can guide you in selecting and implementing the best ERP system to meet your goals. 

With a solid foundation, we can help you navigate the tax and accounting opportunities facing manufacturers today. Issues Like:

Our services tailored for Manufacturing Companies include:


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