Emerging technologies, fierce competition, and increasing consumer demands for innovative new products are driving change in the industry. Today’s technology entrepreneur faces more challenges than ever including developing their product and bringing it to market, maintaining their technological advantage, raising capital, and growing and managing a company. In addition to these challenges you must also learn to navigate the rapidly changing financial and accounting landscape.

Saggar & Rosenberg’s professionals have years of experience in dealing with the intricacies of the Technology industry. We are set apart by a deep understanding of the hardware, software, cloud computing (SaaS) and Internet, and telecommunication sectors, as well as extensive experience ranging from venture backed start-up companies to later stage companies with mature technologies and proven market demand.

Our Technology professionals have in-depth experience on a wide range of issues that your industry faces, including revenue recognition, inventory valuation and obsolescence, debt and equity financings, and fair value accounting. In addition, our team will help you establish internal accounting controls, perform audits of your financial statements, select your team of trusted advisors, and offer valuable insight throughout your entire business life cycle.