Client Experiences

What to Expect as a Saggar & Rosenberg Client

Saggar & Rosenberg's clients are the catalyst for our firm's growth. Our happy clients tell their friends and colleagues. Our secret recipe starts with our clients, their goals, and our fantastic team that loves helping our clients. You will experience consistent, high-quality service with every firm employee you meet because we hire the most talented technical professionals who desire to help others. We invest in our staff to ensure they have the most optimal work environment and the opportunity to advance.

At the beginning of our relationship, we immediately work to build a deep and meaningful relationship. We will be spend time listening to you to understand your business through the lenses of people, process, and systems.

This will be the foundation of our support to ensure we add value to help you advance toward your goals. Annually we will have the opportunity to revisit our roadmap and reprioritize your business, tax, and financial plans. 

As part of our client philosophy, we do not bill for routine phone calls. In fact, we believe this deepens our understanding of our clients' operations. This distinguishes us from other firms.