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SRPC Venture capital The strength of a good chess player is that they always think multiple steps ahead, which is also the benefit to your venture capital and private equity business when you work with Saggar and Rosenberg. They can certainly help with due diligence, integration, and compliance needs, but what sets us apart is our proven ability to help owners develop a strategic plan focused on reaching their long-term goals.  

If you are buying, we help you think about your exit strategy so that the decisions made upfront are complementary to your goal. If you are selling, are you reinvesting? What is the best tax strategy? 

Buyers are usually concerned about building enterprise value, which requires help beyond audit and tax compliance work. For instance, we understand your accounting and ERP needs to achieve the best value while generating timely and accurate financial reports that help you achieve your goals. 

For Government Contractors, compliance has an elevated importance. We have helped many organizations deploy ERP systems to meet compliance requirements that stand up to government program audits. 

Our services tailored for Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms include:


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