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In 1865 Lewis Carroll wrote, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there," in connection with publishing Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. While it was written for children, today visionary leaders understand the importance of a strategic plan in making intentional choices to reach their goals. 

Our engagements start with a discussion to discover your goals. You may want to achieve strong cash flow, or you may want to build enterprise value for a profitable liquidity event. Each client is unique. 

Strategic plans at Saggar and Rosenberg are more than checklists and business jargon; we work with you to create an actionable roadmap. Your strategic plan will be a blueprint for the company's future. It will discuss your current and future products and services, competitive environment, and financial and business risks. It can help you in various situations, starting a new venture, expanding current operations, acquiring a business, or turning around a declining operation.

We have built our firm's reputation by helping business owners accomplish their goals. Plus, because we have built a successful practice centered on our client's needs, we have other tailored offerings to help you along your journey. 



Sandy Saggar

Managing Partner

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