College Graduates

Launching your professional career.

Helping You Successfully Launch Your Professional Career

Looking for your first professional job in your chosen field can be stressful; we understand how daunting it can be. Some of the things going through your mind might be: 

  • How to prepare for your interview?
  • How do I evaluate an environment which I will like and support me?
  • How do I dress for the interview?

At Saggar & Rosenberg, we understand this stress, and this page, along with the “about” page, is designed to help you get more comfortable with the interview process and our team.

Most college graduates find balance, impact, and culture at the top of their list when evaluating employers for the right fit. We have talked about balance and culture on our “about” page, but we all want to know that we are contributing. Our client and team size ensure that soon after joining, you will start making an impact. In most cases, our assignments can be viewed as finding solutions for our clients, and every team member is essential to finding the best solutions. A wonderful aspect of the firm is that the longer you are here and build your professional, problem-solving, and communication skills, the greater your impact. You will find it extremely satisfying to receive your client’s gratitude. Our job is to mentor you, show appreciation for your accomplishments and provide new experiences to help you grow.


Getting Ready for Your Interview

The types of questions you should prepare for your interview.

  • Why is Saggar & Rosenberg a good fit for you professionally? {This type of question will show that you prepared for the interview and demonstrate your communication skills}
  • In addition to your class work, what other extracurricular activities did you engage (work, sports, family, social, volunteer), and how did you balance everything you had on your plate? {demonstrate your ability to set priorities, and balance multiple tasks}
  • If you were advising an incoming freshman at your university about how to be successful, what would you share with them and why? {ability to process your experience and make improvements}
  • Tell us about a time you were part of a group exercise where you did not like the direction the team was headed? What did you do to get your point across? How did it turn out? {communication skills}
  • Real life/situational accounting questions {practical application of classroom learning}.
  • What questions do you have for me? (See model questions below) {This question shows your planning and advanced preparation for the interview}

How will you assess if the firm is a good fit for you?

  • Prepare a list of 3-5 questions that will answer questions about the factors that are the most important to you. They might include:
    • Can you explain the onboarding process?
    • What criteria will be used to evaluate my advancement? (They usually will include qualities like technical, problem-solving, and communication skills.)
    • Please describe a typical “day in the life” for this role.
  • Ask to speak to a recent hire.
  • Consider shadowing a team member for half of a day.
  • Make sure you meet your manager

Criteria for Growth and Advancement

At Saggar & Rosenberg, we are as focused on your advancement as much as you are. As you have transitioned from the classroom to your first professional position, we want you to get the right formal and informal training to help you advance. You can expect balanced feedback throughout the year designed to help you identify your strengths and feed your career development plan.

Annually you will sit down with your supervisor to discuss your advancement. The discussion will be focused on your progress in the following skills:

  • Technical
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Problem-solving

We hope these suggestions are helpful. We have created a collaborative environment where we collectively help each other be successful while having some fun along the way. 

Growth & Advancement