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Changes in remote work, interest rates, tax law, and cash flow have all impacted the real estate and construction market. Maximizing operating income and asset values are ongoing concerns. Market fluctuations are our reality. Rehabs and flips are becoming more common. The strict rules surrounding 1031 exchanges can easily trip up even the most experienced investors.

For established businesses dealing with tax reform and new entities dealing with complex ownership structures, every day brings new challenges with opportunities. 

At Saggar & Rosenberg our team has expertise across all real estate and construction sectors and asset classes. We have a reputation for providing reliable, expert assistance with managing your business. We will help you develop a plan to ensure both the success of your business and the security of your personal wealth.

RE Trans

Real Estate Taxation

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate 
  • Hotels 
  • Homebuilders and Land Developers
  • 1031 Exchanges 
  • REITs

RE Transaction

Transaction Structuring

  • Deal Structuring for Special Allocations
  • Tiered Organizations - Partnerships
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Preferred Return Rates on Equity 
  • Tax Strategy for Portfolio Investment Returns to Management & Private Equity based on Liquidation Waterfalls

RE Acct


  • Accounting Support
  • Percentage of Completion 
  • IRC §263A Uniform Capitalization Rules (UNICAP)
  • Cost Segregation

RE Tax

Tax Credits

  • Affordable Housing 
  • Historic Rehabilitation 
  • Employee Fund Zone
  • Opportunity Zone

Our services tailored for Real Estate & Construction Firms include:


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