At Saggar & Rosenberg, our Client Service Delivery starts with your tax plan, which gives our clients an optimal understanding of their liabilities. We follow a client service model requiring frequent communications to minimize any unnecessary surprises. We combine our innovative business and tax approach to deliver the best results for your business and your family. Our team will meet with you periodically and listen for any items that may affect your tax plan or trigger unplanned tax consequences so you can understand the situation and achieve the best outcome for you. 

Tax law is nuanced and complex, so we have assembled a team of the best professionals with diverse technical tax skills. You will receive the best federal, state, and local tax expertise, and we have expertise with clients who have a similar profile to yours. 

Our number one mission is to help you achieve your mission. Our team will conduct regular consultations with you to identify any issues that may impact your tax plan or result in unexpected tax implications. By keeping you informed, we will work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your financial situation

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