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Accurate financial information is the foundation for executing the right forward direction. We do more than audit your numbers.  We provide comparative analysis, control assessment, and creative ideas to improve your company’s performance and profitability. The numbers represent your historical perspective, but we help you interpret the year-end results and gain meaningful insight to help inform your future.

With Saggar and Rosenberg's client service model, you are assured of timely communication and coordination of activities. Your audit, review, or compilation will be planned and executed by an experienced team that understands your industry.  We will meet with you throughout the year and discuss the impact on your financial statements of your activities to avoid any year-end surprises. Further, we only specialize in a few industries, so we are well acquainted with the risks inherent in businesses like yours.  We tailor our audit approach to address the risks associated with your organization so that we deliver the most efficient service and do not waste your time and money. 

All of our audit and assurance work follows an internal review protocol to ensure the integrity of your statements. We also participate in the AICPA Peer Review Program to ensure our work meets the highest professional standards.  

Our team of professionals provides the following services:

  • Audits of financial statements 
  • Audits of federal awards under Uniform Guidance (formerly OMB Circular A-133 Audits)
  • Reviews and compilations of financial statements
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Bank collateral audits 
  • Accounting system audits (SF1408)
  • Other attest engagements
  • Audit support, government compliance audits 
  • Due diligence



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