Mergers & Acquisitions


If you’re planning for the acquisition or sale of a business, aligning your goals and strategy, your tax structuring and due diligence procedures are critical for the best outcome.  

Our professionals are committed to helping you seize essential advantages by working side-by-side with you during all phases of the M&A transaction, including services designed to help you before, during, and after. Our M&A team will help you: 1) define your goals and create a road map to success 2) optimize your tax position and navigate IRS code sections, which can complicate transactions if they are ignored, and  3) help integrate the systems and accounting needed to realize your goals.

A unique aspect of our approach is considering the exit strategies as you plan the merger. Choices made upfront will be crucial in meeting your goal.

Pre-Transaction Support

Pre-Transaction Planning and Analysis​

If you’re planning on buying, our team can help with:

  • Planning and “what if” scenarios​
  • Structure​
  • Exit Strategies​
  • Incentive Compensation Strategies
  • F-Type Merger (Section 368 (a)(1)(F))

If you’re planning on selling, our team can help with:

  • Due diligence Prep and Clean Up
  • Transaction Readiness
  • Early identification of issues
  • Planning/What if scenarios and tax waterfalls

Transaction Support

Transaction Support

  • Due Diligence​​

  • Plain-English translation from legal terminology​​

  • Accounting Support

  • Tax Projections with respect to transactions​​

  • Tax Impact of Waterfall Allocations​​

  • Negotiation of Make-Whole Payments​​

  • Review agreements to identify potential tax issues​​

  • Quality of Earnings​​

Post Transaction

Post Transaction Accounting & Tax Compliance

  • Asset Allocation Statement​​

  • Purchase Accounting

  • Federal Tax​​

  • State and Local Taxes​​

  • Section 1202 Stock​​

  • F-Reorganization​​ (Section 368 (a)(1)(F))

  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments​

Integration Support

Integration Support​

We help with integrations of:

  • ERP Systems
  • People​​
  • Policies and Procedures​​
  • Processes​
  • Change Management​​
  • Project Management​


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Managing Partner

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