When you join Saggar & Rosenberg, you are part of a top-performing diverse team of motivated professionals.

Why Saggar & Rosenberg

When you join Saggar & Rosenberg, you are a member of a top-performing diverse team of motivated professionals. Your colleagues and mentors are among the best in the profession. They focus on helping you grow without unnecessary stress. Click the tabs below to learn more about our firm. 

At Saggar & Rosenberg, culture is at the heart of everything we do. We have created a caring culture with an entrepreneurial spirit powered by motivated professionals. Our consistent growth has provided fantastic opportunities for our team members to grow and the opportunity for the firm to invest in our team, offices, and technology. We celebrate our collective successes.

Our culture requires:

  • We collaborate.
  • We care.
  • We always do the right thing.
  • We help each other.

Service is rooted in our culture, and everyone who works at Saggar & Rosenberg is encouraged to participate in professional, charitable, and non-profit associations. 

Creating an inclusive environment is key to our commitment to delivering high-quality client service. We pride ourselves on helping our clients solve complex problems and creating diverse service teams to ensure we provide the best answers to the complex problems our clients face. To attract and retain a diverse team, we strive to create an environment where each team member’s input is valued, and everyone feels comfortable speaking up. 

This is an area where our work is ongoing, but we also appreciate our progress, which forms the foundation to build our future. We value that 50% of our partners are female, and 50% were born outside of the United States. 47% of our staff are female, and 27% are people of color.


As your career progresses, you will have opportunities to advance and diversify because of our growth. Our growth comes from word-of-mouth referrals, a testament to the team's great service. As part of the Saggar & Rosenberg team, you will benefit from the Saggar & Rosenberg glow.

Your growth and development are essential aspects of life at Saggar & Rosenberg. We want people to establish long-lasting careers while also feeling appreciated. As such, we are adamant about giving our team members client assignments that provide learning opportunities and reinforce other training and development activities. Additionally, our partners and senior leadership offer mentoring and advising to help staff develop.

Your ambition is the only limit to your opportunity. We will provide the experiences, tools, encouragement, and options to help you grow. 

After your assignments, you will discuss your strengths and focus areas with the project leader. Annually we discuss your career ambitions, strengths and areas for development so you can achieve your goals.  

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to explore other areas of the firm to see how they fit. We want you to find your perfect spot, leading to your fulfillment and growth.

The pandemic has opened our eyes to new options that allow us to meet the needs of our clients and our team. We will work with you to tailor a custom arrangement that may include flexible schedules, remote work, and the appropriate balance. We will explore your needs in our interview, and we can revisit them as your needs change.


After an initial phone interview with our talent acquisition team member, our successful candidates can expect to meet 2-4 team hiring team members. All candidates can speak with a partner and their team lead. The interviews will be a combination of individual discussions and team discussions. 

We encourage you to come prepared with your questions to understand the areas of the firm that are important to you.